Originally from Gomez Palacio, Durango. The band formed in 2012 combines rock rhythms with atmospheres of contemporary Mexico, cantina music, cumbia, cardenche singing, among others; creating a new style called FIERRO METAL.

"The lyrics of their songs reflect nationalism, politics, fashion and customs of the Mexican idiosyncrasy. Most of them based on both regional and countrywide occurred events that have made headline news, impacting the whole world."


"The name of the band," XANATE "(CHA-NA-TAY) was elected due the characteristics of the Great-tailed Grackle, a representative of Mexico of rebellious behavior, bird crafty, cunning and very difficult to get caught."

The visual managing, language, characterization and diversity in its rhythms were a source of curiosity and transcendence from the beginning, accepted by a wide audience ranging from children, youth, seniors, rockers, gruperos, cumbiancheros, hip hoppers, Cardencheros , among others.

Today, Xanate has become the spokesman for the "Grito Mexa" movement, which day after day more Mexicans join it not only in this country, but also (soldiers, as the band refers to them) around the world in favor of nonviolence . Welcome pal 'show del Xanate. Óraleeee! Soldaos ... FIRMES!